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Welcome to AeroClaims.Asia, a free educational tool and a resource for individuals that have suffered injury at an airport or onboard an aircraft. We also offer guidance for airport workers, pilots and cabin crew who had the misfortune of being injured whilst at work.


In this website you can find all the answers you need to help you to navigate some of the air law complexities that govern these types of incidents. Our aim is to assist injured parties that may have suffered loss at the hands of an airline or an airport authority. We cover Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

Latest Articles and Cases.


• aeroclaims_admin • May 2020

Background I have been instructed recently by a number of European air...

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coronavirus on plane

Coronavirus and the airline industry – a Claimant’s perspective

• aeroclaims_admin • Feb 2020

Background It is hard to get away from this topic right now...

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Most unusual things passengers have sued airlines for

• aeroclaims_admin • Jan 2020

1.            Nervous passengers. I handled a case defending a European airline that...

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Incidents of aircraft turbulence – why you should claim

• aeroclaims_admin • Jan 2020

2019 events There have been a number of widely-reported aircraft turbulence events...

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Why has Regulation EU261 not caught on in Asia?

• aeroclaims_admin • Jan 2020

Background Looking at the stats, there are over 90 million passengers every...

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Labbadia v Alitalia [2019] EWHC 2103

• aeroclaims_admin • Dec 2019

A Claimant has been successful in an English High Court claim arising...

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Aviation Law Specialists.


Registered Foreign Lawyer (England and Wales)

Peter focuses extensively on complex commercial litigation, primarily involving aviation and insurance-related subject matter.


Peter has handled numerous cross-border controversies and matters in court and alternative dispute resolution forums. He has a deep understanding of aviation industry in particular, and is also very well versed in insurance litigation. He has handled a wide gamut of commercial litigation matters and has served as outside litigation counsel a range of clients. He speaks and writes regularly on topics within his areas of experience.

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