Passenger injury claim against an Airport

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Common areas where personal injuries occur at airports may include:

Restaurants and bars
Retail stores and concession areas
Baggage claim
Construction areas
Parking areas
Elevators and escalators
Moving walkways and stairs
Internal airport trains and passenger transport vehicles
What to do when injured at an airport

Airports in Asia and around the world should provide assistance concerning medical issues via the airport police, fire service, paramedics and any on-site clinic. You should also be provided with transportation to a nearby hospital should your injuries require hospital care.

Request that an incident report be filled out, and insist that you are given a copy of this report before you continue with your journey.

Don’t assume that the airline or airport personnel know that you need help – ask for it. Find a courtesy emergency telephone at the airport so the operator can connect with or give you the phone numbers for on-site emergency help.

The deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit may be as short as 2 years from the date of the incident, so you must act quickly to identify the proper defendants (e.g. the airline, the airport, the maintenance company, the City department, or any number of third parties). Unfortunately, airports are renowned for destroying evidence. Therefore, the sooner a lawsuit is filed the better the chance you have to gather the necessary evidence to support the claim. That is why you, if you have been seriously injured in an airport accident, should not delay in calling an experienced aviation lawyer to help you.