Airport Worker and cabin crew claims

In Hong Kong for example, under Hong Kong law it is a requirement that all employers take out an Employee’s Compensation insurance policy to cover their liability in the event that a member of staff suffers an injury or illness during the normal course of their work. This will cover accidents which occur at the airport, and any claims made by pilots and cabin crew.

The Employees’ Compensation Ordinance in Hong Kong establishes a no-fault, non-contributory employee compensation system for work injuries. An employer is liable to pay compensation in respect of injuries sustained by its employees as a result of an accident arising out of and in the course of employment; or in respect of occupational diseases specified in the Ordinance suffered by the employees.

The Ordinance in general applies to employees who are employed under a contract of service, or apprenticeship. Employees who are injured while working outside Hong Kong are also covered if they are employed in Hong Kong by local employers.

Employee’s Compensation Insurance, also known as EC Insurance, must be purchased by all employers in Hong Kong. It does not matter if the workers are Part-Time, Temporary, or Full Time, and neither does it matter what the scope of their employment is. If you employ an individual under a contract of service, or an apprenticeship in Hong Kong then the employee must be protected by an Employees Compensation Insurance policy. Similar arrangements and legislation apply in other countries across Asia.